Climate Smart

Be Climate Smart

From coast to coast, damage caused by climate-related events is on the rise and so are the costs of repairs. Ensure your clients have the knowledge and know-how to mitigate future damages with our industry tips and insights.

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Extreme weather is here to stay. But brokers are key to ensuring customers take care of their property and prepare for future extreme conditions. RSA’s National Property Underwriting Manager shares how you can help your clients with severe weather patterns.

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Prepare your clients

Water Damage

Extreme weather and ageing plumbing contribute to an increased risk of water damage. Browse our resources to give your clients a better understanding of the water risks they face and solutions to mitigate against them.
Waterproof™ Broker Discussion Guide

Nearly one in three Canadians don’t know what water coverage they have or need. Help your clients understand how they can protect themselves from water-related damage and what coverage they need.

Protect your property from water damage

RSA’s property experts have provided these simple tips to help safeguard your property and valuable possessions both before the event of water-damage and after.

Stay Afloat

Becoming a more frequent natural hazard in Canada, floods take a huge toll on homeowners. See how the insurance industry can keep its head—and clients’ properties—above water.

Extreme Thaw

Protect the inside and outside of your client’s property after severe blizzards, ice storms, and other extreme weather with our extreme thaw guide.

Flood Risk & RSA’s enhanced Waterproof Coverage™

Water damage accounts for 48% of home insurance claims. As weather patterns continue to grow and change, see how we’ve updated our Waterproof Coverage™ to help you protect your clients from risk.

Water tip sheet

Use this guide to start a conversation with your clients about their policies and help them become climate smart.

RSA’s enhanced Waterproof Coverage™

See how RSA’s flexible and comprehensive Waterproof Coverage™, including our new Water Service Line Endorsement, can help you protect your clients—and grow your business.



An earthquake can be a scary experience. Know what to expect during an earthquake, to keep your clients and their valuable possessions safe.
Earthquake Safety Guide

Download our Earthquake Safety Guide, full of useful facts, talking points & tips on how to remain safe during and after an earthquake.

Be Prepared, Not Scared

Are you clients covered for damage caused by earthquakes? Download the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s guide to earthquake insurance and safety.

Drop, Cover & Hold On

Earthquakes happen without warning. The best way to protect yourself is to immediately “drop, cover, and hold on.”

  1. DROP - Drop to the ground (before the earthquake knocks you down)
  2. COVER - Take cover, by getting under a secured desk or table
  3. HOLD ON - Grab the legs of the desk or table, and hold on until the shaking stops


Climate change has increased instances of wildfire across Canada. Now there are more than 8,000 wildfires a year, affecting areas in almost every province and territory.
Protecting businesses

Wildfire affects every aspect of life. Here you can find guidance to share with your commercial clients, helping them plan ahead and prepare their businesses for the impact of wildfires.

Protecting homes

Take a look through our advice, designed to help your clients improve the safety and security of their homes and loved ones in areas under threat of wildfires.

Wildfire Safety Tips

The wildfire season can be an incredibly testing and traumatic time. By taking some simple precautions ahead of the event, your clients can help to protect their families and businesses.

Hassle-Free Claims®

Our Hassle-Free Claims® guarantee is good every single day—regardless of hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms and other events. Find out how RSA can assist when you and your clients need us the most.

RSA Care

RSA Care provides your clients with emotional first aid in the event of an injury or loss of property; and at no additional cost, your clients can speak to a trained counsellor from the comfort of their home.

FireSmart® Canada

FireSmart® Canada provides tools for Canadian's to become pro-active in reducing the risk of wildfire to their homes and communities. Find out how FireSmart® Canada's programs, outreach training, and workshops can help promote disaster resilient homes in your community.


to help your clients during an extreme weather event

  1. Ensure your clients know exactly what their coverage entails, and, more importantly, what is not covered
  2. Communicate with your clients using various means, including phone, mail, and electronic media
  3. React promptly to your clients in an emergency event
  4. Encourage your clients to take proactive measures to protect their property

Green Endorsements

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, RSA has developed Greener Home and Reconstruction endorsements, designed to assist policyholders in building greener homes.

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WWF Partnerships

RSA is proud to be the presenting sponsor of Living Planet @ Work, WWF-Canada’s environmental employee engagement program.

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